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Post by Moose on Sun Sep 29, 2013 11:28 pm

Name: Cyro (or Cyra) Holender

Birthday and Age: December 13, 1996 (18 years old)

Gender: Female

Super Name (Optional): N/A (I dont like super names...)

Morality: Anti-Hero

Personality: Cyro has a kind of... bi-polar personality. She can either be a very happy and fun-loving hero, or an angry mischievous villain. Her villainous self likes to call itself Cyra (big difference, right?) just for effect. She mostly appears as Cyro, the normal ish hero thing. Cyro will only change personality's when she is made extremely angry, which is not really that hard.

Description/Appearance: Cyro (mind the o) wears mostly light blue and white. Her jeans are ripped white denim. She wears light shades of blue, purple and grey. Her t-shirt is usually purple and her sweatshirt blue. Her eyes are bright blue. Her hair is nearly pure white, exempt from the natural light blue and purple streaks staggered randomly through her hair. She has pale skin. Cyra wears the same clothes. Her hair slowly turns darker as she changes to Cyra, and the white will turn dark grey at full transformation. The purple and blue will darken as well. Her eyes will turn dark blue.

Costume Description (Only if your character has a costume): N/A

Special Weapons (Optional):
Pets (Optional):
Role-Playing Example:

Keira - villain - 18-ish
Collin Barker - Hero - 22
John - Hero - 24
Tony Stark - Hero
Peter Parker - Hero
Jessica (Jessie) Summers - Villain - 19

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