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Collin Henry Barker   Empty Collin Henry Barker

Post by Moose on Mon Aug 12, 2013 3:28 pm

Name: Collin Henry Barker

Birthday and Age: January 1st 1991 (22 years old)

Gender: Male

Super Name (Optional): N/A

Morality: Hero

Personality: Collin is very proud. He loves to help people and is very good at making friends. People will usually get used to his sarcasm and pride quickly. He is very good at being low-key. He usually doesn't like to be noticed by people, especially when fighting. He usually sticks to the shadows. People dont even know he exists as a hero. He has a very handsome face that is very memorable. Collin has a very silly personality. He will joke and laugh when not in business. He is usually only serious on the job.

Description/Appearance: Collin has dark brown eyes. His hair is black with an army-type cut. On a normal basis, he just wears dark jeans and t-shirts. Somehow, he still looks attractive. He usually presents himself as 'un-super' in every way. Even when he was on the job.

Costume Description (Only if your character has a costume):  Collin wears a black sweatshirt with dark jeans. He wears a black mask across his face.

Powers: Collin has a power over shadows. They will reach out to him as he walks. If he steps into them he will blend in completely. It is very confusing to be walking with him and he just disappears into nothing. He can shape shadows into humans and make them confuse his enemy.
Skills/Talents: He doesn't like to think about them. But he has a natural ability to make friends. He is also a very fast runner.

Flaws: Collin is very proud. He believes he can always help. That can get him into all kinds of trouble. He is usually in the shadows. He makes friends easily, but cant meet new people without them. He is kind of a loner. Collin is very dark. He keeps secretes well, too well. He cant stand it when people ask him to tell them.

Special Weapons (Optional):N/A

Pets (Optional): N/A

Birthplace: Another planet somewhere in the solar system. The name is unknown.

History: Collin was brought to earth by his mother when he was just a baby. When on earth his mother fell in love with a very annoying man who hated everyone with powers. Collin had to hide is ability growing up. His father found his sons powers when Collin was around 8. He ran away from home to make sure his father didn't sent him away. He found the city when he was 12. He has lived here ever sense.

Role-Playing Example: Collin looked out the window of his top-floor apartment. She looked out over the city. He loved to watch people run down the streets. It made him feel not-so-alone. He knew there were other people in the world. Thats what made him get up every day. He smiled brightly at some young kids playing hop-scotch on the sidewalk. Their parents were at a nearby hot dog stand talking to some random super and pointing in the direction of the alley. They seemed to have lost a kid. "No one would come to me for help." Collin said miserably. He smiled again as a small boy cam totting out of the ally. He was holding a rope with a cute little trouser at the end. What a good day in The City.

Keira - villain - 18-ish
Collin Barker - Hero - 22
John - Hero - 24
Tony Stark - Hero
Peter Parker - Hero
Jessica (Jessie) Summers - Villain - 19

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Collin Henry Barker   Empty Re: Collin Henry Barker

Post by Herbert on Mon Aug 12, 2013 6:03 pm


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