"Please behave!"; Bernard Williams

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"Please behave!"; Bernard Williams Empty "Please behave!"; Bernard Williams

Post by Herbert on Sun Aug 11, 2013 6:03 pm

"Please behave!"; Bernard Williams Tumblr_mmfp0rGrFh1qjnqapo1_500
Name: Bernard Ethan Williams
Birthday and Age: Bernard was born February 14,  1990 and is currently 23.
Gender: Bernard is obviously a male.
Occupation: Bernard is a certified therapist, and loves his job.
Personality: Bernard is a very sweet and kind guy, loving to help people. But, don't think that he is a pushover. Despite his generally nice nature, he can be very stern, or even very angry with someone at times, albeit, that happens very rarely. Bernard tries to be very understanding as therapist and person and has a lot of patience.
Description/Appearance: Bernard had fairly pale skin and very bright blue eyes. His natural hair color is soft golden color, like the color of a Golden Retriever's fur, but he has recently dyed it a shade of brown resembling milk chocolate. He has a lean body structure; skinny with barely any build, but not unhealthily so.
Skills/Talents: Bernard has excellent people skills, given that he would have to have them in order to be a therapist. He is also quite talented when it comes to playing the violin and, surprisingly, lying. He's very intelligent too.
Flaws: Bernard is very quirky. He also has anxiety issues and is extremely easy to scare.
Pet (Optional): N/A
Birthplace and Country of Origin: Bernard was born in Westminster, England.
History: Bernard was born into a very small family in Westminster. He's lived a pretty normal life, besides the fact that his older brother, Christopher, was actually born with powers. Yes, he was a little jealous, but he didn't really let it get to him. Besides, he was considerably smarter than Christopher and excelled in school. Eventually, he decided to be a therapist, as he always had a way to comfort people and sort them out the kind way, not the way his brother tended to. He ended up getting a degree as a therapist and after collage, moved to the city and was employed there.
Role-Playing Example: Bernard hummed to himself as he looked at his schedule. "No one today? Hm... That's interesting. So many people in this town have problems I'm surprised I don't have a patient every thirty minutes." He mused, tapping his pen on his clipboard. The therapist gave a small chuckle as he sat down in the black leather chair that he would always sit in during a therapy session. "It's nice though... I haven't had a day to myself in quite some time... But look, I'm talking to myself.... I really need to get out more..." Bernard sighed, his smile, which was generally on his face, turning into a frown. He leaned his head back over the back of the chair, giving a heavier sigh, "Oh well..."

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"Please behave!"; Bernard Williams Empty Re: "Please behave!"; Bernard Williams

Post by Moose on Sun Aug 11, 2013 6:13 pm

We should RP :P
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