Keira, "Well this is going to be fun, ha"

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Keira, "Well this is going to be fun, ha" Empty Keira, "Well this is going to be fun, ha"

Post by Moose on Sat Aug 10, 2013 10:56 pm

Name: Keira, (last name unknown)

Birthday and Age: Keira looks 18, but her actual age and birth date is unknown.

Gender: Female

Morality: Villain

Personality: Keira has a very different personality. She likes to be in power, and cant stand it when others try to boss her around. Thats why she usually conspires with... in-animate objects. She is sort of insane. When Keira gets mad she starts to talk in the third person. She talks to the bracelet on her arm like it is living, she sort of named it Lilly.

Description/Appearance: Keiras Eyes are electric blue. Her hair is extremely bright yellow. Her teeth are pure white, like she spends all her time brushing them. Her skin is a normal color. There is a splash of freckles across her nose. She is very thin and tall.

Costume Description (Only if your character has a costume): She wears Bright Blue leggings under a light green dress. Her shoes are made of cloth. She wears a bright blue hat atop her head, kind of like a fedora. It has a bright purple band around the brim.

Powers: Keira has power over technology. She can control computers and such rather. She can hack into databases very easily. Sometimes she kill car engines, but cannot start them up or control the cars. She could send the world into a black out if she felt like. (But what would that do for her when she became ruler?)

Skills/Talents: Do I have to?

Flaws: Keira is slightly insane. She Talks to in-animate objects and robots in her free time. Keira has anger problems. Then there is the fact that she is Evil. She also cannot remember anything past the part where someone in the mortal world took away her memory. This is why she believes they need to be controlled. Like she can control mankind.

Special Weapons (Optional):

Pets (Optional): Does the Bracelet count?

Birthplace: Keira does not remember when she was born. She had her memory taken in Los Angles.

History: Before Keira was a villain, she lived in depression. Not remembering who you are can make you that way. She would walk the streets to random homeless people and sit with them, ask them what they wanted most. She once came up to a man and asked him this. the man said "Order." and ran off. Soon after this occurred Keira discovered her powers. She thought all people wanted her kind of order, and started to work for it. Soon she became known as a Villain.

Role-Playing Example: Keira looked over the city. "It will be my city soon." She said to her bracelet. "Yes, it will be Keira's city. And Keira will run it properly. Keira just needs to find a way to overpower the puny president. And thats just what I will do! First ameria! THEN THE WORLD!" She yelled it loud enough so that some of the people on the streets looked up in confusion. "See, they already look up to Keira. Keira is already on her way do superiority." She nodded justly.
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Keira, "Well this is going to be fun, ha" Empty Re: Keira, "Well this is going to be fun, ha"

Post by Herbert on Sat Aug 10, 2013 11:04 pm

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