i feel like i'm the worst so i always act like i'm the best

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i feel like i'm the worst so i always act like i'm the best

Post by Herbert on Sat Jun 06, 2015 2:35 am

Name: This hero's name is Lenka Alyona Panagakos.

Birthday and Age: Lenka was born June 27th, 1993 and is currently 21 years old.

Gender: Lenka was born a female and continues to identify as so.

Super Name (Optional): Lenka chose the name Eos, after the greek goddess of the dawn.

Morality: Lenka could never bring herself to do evil, so she acts as a hero.

Personality: Lenka is a very good-natured human being. She's very optimistic, bubbly, and a seemingly very happy person. She cares a lot for people and enjoys helping them. Lenka is also very emotional and isn't afraid to show her emotions either. Lenka says that people who are passive aggressive are a lot less happy in the long run and it's better to get it out in the moment then bottle it up. However, she's very stubborn and hard to deter once she's decided on something.

Description/Appearance: Lenka is 5'6" and weighs close to 122 pounds. She's fairly built and has tanned skin. Light freckles dust her cheeks, but she covers them up with makeup, given that she doesn't particularly like them. Lenka's hair comes down to her upper back and is a dark brown color, almost black. She has two scars on her stomach from an accident involving a goat that happened when she was 7 years old.

Costume Description (Only if your character has a costume): Typically, Lenka wears black leggings and a black tank top, complete with a silver bomber jacket and matching combat boots. She also almost always has her headphones either on her ears or neck.

Powers: Lenka has the ability to convert sound into light. She has control over the light that she's converted and can manipulate and project in various ways. The strength, brightness, and intensity of the light depends on how loud or close the sound is and at what frequency it's at. Lenka tends to covert the sounds of music most often because she enjoys them the most.

Skills/Talents: Lenka is a very talented singer and loves to sing. She'll take every chance she gets and often sings or hums to herself. She hates silence. She also has an aptitude for skateboarding and knitting. In fact, Lenka's favorite things to knit are sweaters for her cats.

Flaws: Like mentioned before, Lenka is very stubborn. She has also been diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder, but that only affects her in the winter and towards the end of fall. Lenka is allergic to dogs and has a fear of dolls.

Special Weapons (Optional): Lenka doesn't have any notably special weapons. She'll sometimes use her skateboard as a weapon, should the situation arise.


Pets (Optional): Lenka has two tabby cats named Apollo and Artemis and she loves them both very much.

Birthplace: Lenka was born in Thessaloniki, a large city in the geographical region Macedonia in Greece.

History: Lenka wasn't born in a really rich family. In fact, she was born into a fairly large family on a farm. She had three older siblings and two younger ones and all of them helped out on their farm. Greece isn't a very rich country anyway, so that was the only way her parents could actually afford to take care of all of them. When she was old enough, Lenka did the thing every young adult in a poor farm family would do: save up enough for a plane ticket and move to America. It took quite some time, but she eventually had enough to move to the small town of Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. Her only reason for choosing Huntingdon was because it was an affordable place in close enough proximity to Philadelphia, which was home to The University of the Arts. Again, she played the saving and waiting game and with a little help from her parents in Greece, Lenka managed to afford one year's tuition and attended. It was at this university that Lenka discovered she even had super powers. During a practice for a musical she had a part in, she accidentally let out a burst of light when hitting a high note, managing to convert her own voice into light. There had always been little incidents growing up, but this was enough to convince her. Of course, after the mishap with the practice, she was asked to leave the university on the grounds that she was "causing panic among the students." After being expelled, Lenka moved to New York where she's been ever since.

Role-Playing Example: Lenka sat on her couch, headphones over her ears as she nodded along to one of her favorite songs. She loved music. Absolutely adored it. She could listen to anything as long as it wasn't completely offensive. Anything from Beethoven to Johnny Cash and even more. Artemis hopped onto the couch next to her and started to paw at the cord connecting her headphones to her iPod. Lenka picked up the cat and kissed the top of its head, grinning. "Oh, you silly cat... If you chew through that, mommy's not going to be very happy." She said to the animal before looking over at Apollo, who was laying on the window sill, lazily flicking his tail. "And the same goes for you, mister!" Lenka called to him, causing him to merely open his eyes a bit and give a half lidded gaze that showed he couldn't honestly care less about her headphones. She set Artemis down on the floor and turned on the couch, moving to lie down. Lenka closed her eyes and settled into the couch, focusing on her music and converting the sounds into a steady beam of light from her finger, using it to act as a laser pointer and drive her cats crazy.

Other: Lenka is pansexual.

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