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Post by Moose on Sun Feb 08, 2015 12:42 pm

It would be strange to say Skye wasn't afraid of anything, because trust me, they were. This probably contributes to their parents, who in all reality were verbally and physically abusive to all 7 of their children. Skye especially.

Skye was born on December 25th to the name Skye alexandrea and is of the female sex. They are now 23 years old. For the sake of making things easier, I am going to use female pronouns for the rest of her story, although Skye generally identifies as both male and female.

Skye is the youngest, and smallest, of the seven children and was mostly overlooked by her parents. All of her siblings were girls, so it was obvious why Skye was never really payed attention to.

It was always hard for Skye, growing up in such a large family. She didn't get the attention she needed, only the attention no child should have to live through. She was around 13 when she knew why she never fit in wirh any specifc group of people. She knew why she always felt awkward in the girls restroom some fays, and out of place in the skirt she was forced tovwear to school on others. She knew she didnt really belong with any gender. She was, and of course still is, gender fluid. She decided on her own it was best to use the female restroom because she was born of that sex, but began indentifying as a male when she felt it necessary. She would correct the pronouns people used, and some cought on and would ask which she preferred for that day. Others were not so friendly. Her parents hit her when she corrected pronoun use. They would throw beer bottles and put out cigaretts on her skin. Her 5 oldest siblings would call her names, mocking her for what she couldnt help. Only her sister closest in age accepted who Skye was, and treated her wounds, only to recieve the same wounds for the act.

With physical abuse from her parents, and verbal abuse from her older siblings, the now-teenage girl had no one to turn to. Skye began to

Keira - villain - 18-ish
Collin Barker - Hero - 22
John - Hero - 24
Tony Stark - Hero
Peter Parker - Hero
Jessica (Jessie) Summers - Villain - 19

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