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Post by Herbert on Sat Feb 07, 2015 1:43 am

Name: Staci Aston Uzoma is this program's name.

Birthday and Age: Well, Staci was never particularly born, merely, created. The date of Staci's creation happens to be February 23rd, 2011. Technically, they're really only four years old, but they're also only an android.

Gender: Staci is genderless. Honesty, would you expect an android to have a legitimate gender?

Super Name (Optional): Staci doesn't care much for nicknames. Occasionally, they will go by Telex.

Morality: Staci is, somehow, a villain. Most likely because their creator was a villain and they just decided to go with it.


Description/Appearance: Staci has fairly short brown hair and a small build, but is fairly tall, having been programmed to appear as 6'1". They have pale skin and black eyes. Staci seems to either have a smile of some sort or a worried expression on their face, with little emotion in between. One of Staci's arms is also missing due to a minor programming error.

Costume Description (Only if your character has a costume): Staci has no designated costume, but does very specifically wear one of two things. Either a purple sweater, or, a purple dress shirt with the addition of a red bowtie, and always khakis.

Powers: Staci doesn't really have any powers other than their ability to communicate through and control phones

Skills/Talents: Staci is very good at effectively calming people down and cheering them up, as well as taking care of them.

Flaws: Staci worries and frets about their creator and other small things a lot and has issues with anxiety as well. Staci is quite noticeably submissive, apologizes a lot even when things aren't their fault, and has a rather extreme fear of being abandoned.

Special Weapons (Optional): Staci uses phones to sometimes knock people out, but extraordinarily rarely will Staci ever act with violence.

Pets (Optional): Staci and their creator own a cat by the name of Lasagna.

Birthplace: .


Role-Playing Example:


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