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Post by Le Scout on Sat Aug 10, 2013 10:02 pm

(Superhero/Supervillain/Rouge Forum)
Name: Alex Frances Rite
Birthday and Age: December 18th 1994
Gender: Female
Morality: Hero
Personality: Alex offen over thinks things to solve a problem. She is usually optimistic to things even when she is mad or upset. Alex loves people and she likes to socialize and hang out. Alex is free spirited and she loves to fight.
Description/Appearance: Alex has dark brown hair and green-ish blue eyes. She has white wings with black on the tips that fold on her back.
Costume Description (Only if your character has a costume): Alex has a white shirt that silver lining on it and pants that cut and the ankels and have gold lining on the bottom where it is cut. Alex doesnt have shoes and she has a white mask.
Powers: Alex can fly with her wings.
Skills/Talents: Alex is good at archery, sword fighting, and math
Flaws:Alex is to loyal to people, she over thinks things, Alex also is clumsy, and she also is easily distracted.
Special Weapons (Optional): Alex as a sword and a bow and arrows.
Pets (Optional): None.
Birthplace: Orlando, California
History: Alex was abandoned by her parents when she was a kid  When she was around 6, she was tested on and was surgically given wings. When she grew up, the wings grew with her, and she learned to use them. At 16 Alex desided to live on her own, and she wanted to fight.
Role-Playing Example: Alex looked down at the people.  She glanced around the sky as she flew over head. " Looking at the sky and clouds, They are pretty right? " She turned around to see no one there. " Uh right. I am alone. " She sighed as sat on the top of a tree. " Ha, alone? Psh, I will never be alone, I just have to wait. " Alex waited a few moments. " Ok, I need to stop talking to myself. " She mumbled to herself, and then she took off.
Other: None
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Post by Moose on Sat Aug 10, 2013 11:01 pm

Uh, I dont see any problems

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