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Post by Not Moose on Wed Jun 04, 2014 1:15 pm

Name:Josh Banks
Birthday and Age:His Birthday is April 19 and he is 19 years old.
Super Name (Optional):Everyone calls him The Black Thought
Personality:He likes to always be leading. Whenever he isn't out in the field he is sitting back giving orders.
Description/Appearance:He has dark green eyes and black hair. He is always tan. He is kind of skinny but tall.
Costume Description (Only if your character has a costume):He always wears a fedora that is black. He always has jeans on and his shirt changes but he mainly likes his plain white long sleeve shirt.
Powers:He can move things with his mind and also control people and make them do whatever he wants. He can only control people when they make eye contact for at least 3 seconds, but he can only control them for around 30-45 minutes. He can also put thoughts into other peoples minds.
Skills/Talents: He is very good at skateboarding and he is surprisingly good at hacking.
Flaws:He is always too bossy. He never asks what his friends/team want. He also never pays enough attention to his surroundings because he is too confident. Also he can only use his power 5 times a day
Special Weapons (Optional):
Pets (Optional):
Birthplace:Los Angeles
History:When he was 3 his parents were shot and he was taken into foster care up until he was 12 and he ran away. He became a self proclaimed villain and did all of his dirty work with the homeless people who fell victim to his control.
Role-Playing Example:As he looked over all the people under his control he was pleased."All of you will attack the bank in Midtown. You will not give anything away as to who is ordering you." As he paced around he was pleased. He might actually take control of the city someday."You will use these for your weapons. They have one real bullet in them. You will use that for intimidation purposes. The rest are blanks."Yeshe thought, I might make something out of horrible New York.

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Post by Moose on Wed Jun 04, 2014 2:49 pm

Can you put a limit to how long he can control people?

Keira - villain - 18-ish
Collin Barker - Hero - 22
John - Hero - 24
Tony Stark - Hero
Peter Parker - Hero
Jessica (Jessie) Summers - Villain - 19

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