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(Superhero/Supervillain/Rouge Forum)
Name: Luke Ross
Birthday and Age: 15th july 1991
Gender: male
Super Name (Optional): Eagle
Morality: Good
Personality: Luke gets easily angered and annoyed especially by people who won't leave him alone or do as he says. He doesn't really react to other peoples emotions on the outside making him look cold but inside he often feels sympathy but is scared of hurting people who become close to him because he's unsure about the extent of his abilities so he tries to push them away. He will often get into fights if he thinks the other person deserves it but will never fight someone weaker than him who isn't looking for a fight or trying to hurt someone else. He's generally sarcastic and this can annoy lots of people as he never seems to come up with a serious answer. He hates rules and generally gets annoyed by people who think they can enforce any kind of rule on him. He also often gets annoyed when people don't understand what he's talking about as information he views as 'basic' is more advanced and he expects people to be able to think at the same level as him without him having to explain everything to them.
Description/Appearance: He has spiky brown hair with natural blonde highlights, tanned skin and brown eyes with golden flecks. He often wears jeans and a black t-shirt with 3/4 length sleeves which he wears a charcoal black long coat over. He wears red all-stars without any socks on and the laces aren't tied just stuffed into the shoe. He keeps his wings hidden in his coat.
Costume Description (Only if your character has a costume): he wears a mask but nothing else changes
Powers: Luke has eagle wings which are to scale with his body and he can fly using these. He also has enhanced hearing and can use thermal vision. He uses these to help him find hidden villains and people in danger. His eagle wings mean that he can fly at very fast speeds
Skills/Talents: Luke is good at inventing and solving codes. He's an average fighter and is self taught but often prefers to avoid conflict.
Flaws: Lots. Thermal vision gives him headaches, in normal vision he can only see in grayscale. Lots of noise gives him headaches and he's sensitive to loud noises/bright light. He's arrogant, can't work well in a team and often insults people. He doesn't think before acting and although his wings are hard to injure they contain several main arteries/veins which if cut mean he could bleed to death quickly.
Special Weapons (Optional): Luke mainly uses his powers to save people rather than fight them and he generally uses plain hand-to-hand combat if he does fight. he has some gps tracking devices that he made (their a small chip about the size of a small coin) which he uses to keep track of villains and he also has one on his sister so he knows where she is and can keep an eye on her
Pets (Optional): none
Birthplace: Texas, USA
History: Luke was born in Texas on the 15th July. He lived there with his parents and younger sister Angela until he was 18 when he moved to New York to study bio-chemical engineering. At aged 20 he was talent spotted and got a job working for the government on enhancements for soldiers using attributes from animals. He was so sure of the design he made that he tested it on himself aiming to give himself enhanced vision and to get the project into production. However he got more than he bargained for gaining his wings and losing his ability to see in colour and instead being able to see thermal images. He destroyed the machine and all the plans and fled, scared of what others would think of him and of what they might do to him if they found out. He also knew that looking back at the plans they were flawed and if anyone tied to recreate the experiment the same thing would happen. At age 21 he was keeping as low a profile as possible, hiding his wings and trying to live a normal life whilst figuring out a way to reverse the changes. He first used his new powers when he was in town and a little girl walked out into the road. He flew over and out her back on the sidewalk before she was hit by a car, then left before anyone could see his face. The next day in the newspapers he was called the 'eagle' and so his alter ego's name came about. After several other circumstantial events he decided to make a mask and costume so he couldn't be recognised. Aged 22 he still goes back and visits his family, pretending that he is still working in NY and not telling them about who he has become or what happened to him.
Role-Playing Example: Luke looked at the notes in front of him and sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. Every day it seemed more and more impossible to him that he'd ever find a cure. He crumpled up one of the notes and chucked it in the waste paper basket and it bounced back onto the floor as there was no space for another note. "I thought of this, why can't I reverse it just as easily" he sighed and looked in the mirror, he could just about see the wings in the dimly lit room. He knew they were brown but only because of the descriptions of himself was read in the newspapers as it'd been a long time since he'd seen in colour. He turned his attention back to the scribbled words and muttered "none of this would've happened if you hadn't got it wrong in the first place"

He wrote down an idea then crossed it out, replacing it with another one "just can't think..." He said to himself before getting up and walking into his kitchen. The apartment he lived in was tiny and it consisted of three rooms; the kitchen, the 'bathroom' and his bed/living room. He turned the kettle on and took the jar of coffee out the draw as he waited for it to boil. An idea came to his mind but he dismissed it "I've already thought of that a million times, it's not even theoretically sound". He picked up a mug and got the milk out of the fridge as the kettle began to boil. The switch on it flicked off and he put some coffee in the cup before pouring hot water then milk over it. He took a sip of the hot drink and spat it out into the sink "forgot the sugar!" He said to himself and put some in before stirring the drink and returning to his desk

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