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Post by Le Scout on Tue Aug 20, 2013 10:15 pm

(Superhero/Supervillain/Rouge Forum)
Name: Tim Willow
Birthday and Age: January 12th 1996
Gender: Male
Super Name (Optional): None just Tim.
Morality: Hero
Personality: Shy, quiet, observent, optimistic
Description/Appearance: Tim has electric green eyes, long brownish yellow hair, and a black t-shirt with green pants that he wheres almost all of the time.
Costume Description (Only if your character has a costume): He doesnt really have a costume.
Powers: Tim can control plants.
Skills/Talents: He is good with animals and plants. Tim can also good at protesting.
Flaws: Unsocial, he is afraid of the dark, even though he is good at protesting, he refuses to get in the way of his friend's fights.
Special Weapons (Optional): Plants, I guess.
Pets (Optional): none
Birthplace: ( Insert cool name for a random plant dinosaur planet thing here )
History: Tim was born on ( Insert that planet here! ). He grew up there and loved plants. Tim came to earth because he wanted to help people. He doesnt really show himself but hey, he thinks its helping. He grew attached to the planet and is now a total eco-nerd, so much he lives in a treehouse.
Role-Playing Example: Tim rolled his eyes as he watched failing attempts of hurting the earth. He picked up a few cans and he put them in the green bin. " Hey! Idiots! Stop dropping stuff will ya? The earth really doesnt appreciate it. " Tim mumbled. He hung on one of the branches as he got up to his treehouse covered with vines and leaves. Tim sighed as he hid himself off into the vines. He peaked his head outside of the branches to see if anyone was around, and then he covered the whole tree with vines as he put his head back in.  
Other: He doesnt really be a " hero " In front of people. He does it in his normal clothes and he hides so no one can see him.
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Tim...........Tim Empty Re: Tim...........Tim

Post by Herbert on Tue Aug 20, 2013 10:37 pm

(It would be colored, sized, bolded, underlined, and italicized if I wasn't so lazy right now.)

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